Introducing My woman Dior: the new Customizable Dior Bag

While some people want to add stylish pieces to their accessory collection, the majority of purse lovers I speak with want to add essential pieces that will stand the test of time. few bags handle to ended up being fashion icons without likewise feeling overexposed, however the woman Dior has done precisely that: it has the downplayed charm of a ageless bag without the ubiquity that makes some styles tiresome. It is, in a word, elegant.

Lady Dior Bag in Gold-Tone Grained leather – $3,450

For cruise 2017, Dior added a new size to its woman Dior lineup: the My woman Dior. Not only is this bag exactly what was missing, size-wise, however also, the My woman Dior can be customized by adding your preferred lucky Badges to the strap of your bag. The customizable strap enables for three badges as well as there are lots of choices to select from to decorate the long adjustable leather strap.

Dior lucky Badges. client selects three badges upon buying the My woman Dior Bag.Additional lucky Badges are offered for purchase at $40 each.

There are so numerous reasons why this is the ideal size woman Dior Bag. Dior already provides a Micro, Mini, medium as well as Large, all which have dimensions that don’t modification significantly as you step up from size to size. however sometimes, even the smallest modification makes a bag just right, as well as that’s the situation with the new My woman Dior. With dimensions of 20 x 17 x 9 cm (7.9 x 6.7 x 3.5 in), this bag fills a space in the lineup. I’m always searching for a bag that is compact however not as well petite, as well as that is exactly what this offers. On top of it, the smaller size requires a long take on strap, as well as Dior provides just that with this bag. As the strap is adjustable, you can either bring the bag cross-body on your hip for hands-free use, over one take on or by hand with the strap outside. since of the size as well as the long take on strap, this bag shifts ideally from day to night as well as will quickly ended up being a wardrobe staple.

My woman Dior Bag in Black Lambskin – $3,450.Strap personalized with Dior lucky Badge, Sunny Bee lucky Badge as well as Hashtag lucky Badge.

The customizable take on strap is an integral part of this bag, as well as it’s likewise the element which instantly lured me in. The capability to add three lucky Badges to the strap matches with the Dior aesthetic perfectly. This bag stands apart as well as adds a fun touch to the woman Dior look while still staying completely according to Dior’s feminine, traditional appeal. Mr. Dior was understood to be extremely superstitious as well as believed strongly in luck as well as signs, so each lucky Badge corresponds with the connection between luck as well as Dior.

I like discovering out deeper implying behind fashion pieces. right here are a few of my preferred badges as well as the importance behind them:

Bee: sign of collective work, linked to flowers. The bee was an historic French sign under Napoleon’s regime as well as a nod to Christian Dior’s like of the garden.

Blue Cannage lucky Badge on My woman Dior Bag in Silver-Tone Grained leather – $3,450

Badge: Cannage code featured on the Napoleon III chairs in Dior Haute Couture salons. very first seen in the summertime 2014 collection, the badge represents the codes as well as stories of the house. It is a sign of belonging, of being a Dior lady as well as a member of the Dior Tribe.

Dior lucky Badges on My woman Dior Bag in Black Lambskin

In addition to those, there are numerous much more fun signs as well as every letter of the alphabet to produce a really distinct as well as customized bag. together with over 40 lucky Badges, the bag is available in a range of colors to select from.

Another element I haven’t discussed is the simplicity of utilize for this bag. While a few of the woman Dior bags have a zipper closure at the top, the My woman Dior has an easy-to-access flap top. The flap holds all of your things inside however likewise enables you to quickly go into the bag without the hassle of a stubborn zipper. The interior is lined in leather, frequently in a different however complementary hue.

If you’re like me, the woman Dior has always been a bag that you’ve liked as well as admired. however now I feel like Dior has produced the ideal addition to make the bag’s feel a bit much more younger as well as casual. I like the concept of personalizing this bag to be mine as well as speak to me without it losing any type of of its ageless appeal. The perfect, small modifications to the woman Dior Bag have made all the difference, as well as if you’ve been searching for the best size as well as version to speak to you, it has now arrived.

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